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Cindy Sheehan

I swear, this Empire is going completely FUBAR: continuing wars; expanding police state; Nobel Peace Prize for a burgeoning POTUS war criminal; compromised environment; droughts; floods; earthquakes and tornadoes.

This article will be fairly popular among the faux-gressive set because I will be primarily “bashing” George Bush. By the time George Bush left office, my act of minority courage in criticizing Bush became a national (socially acceptable) pastime. It hasn’t been so criticizing Obama from the far left—righties assume I love him and Democrats think I am a “teabagger.” Actually, the only thing I have been since my son was killed in Iraq is a principled antiwar activist.

Anyway, a fresh assault on sanity in this FUBAR country will occur on Thursday, June 18th in New York City when George W. Bush will receive the “Father of the Year” award from the National Council on Father’s Day.

This is such astounding news, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s start with George’s record on being a father.

Besides fake photo ops that all first families engage in (Look, Jackie’s smiling and looking happy when she knows Jack’s a major philanderer), there were many reports of George’s twin daughters partying their ways though life like their mom and dad did before politics entered the equation. Kids party, right? However, most young adults don’t have a father who is sending other children off to kill other children or die in the process like the Bush girls do.

Many young men (of all nationalities) like my son Casey will never be fathers, or their children are orphans, because of the policies George inflicted on the planet when he was president. George managed to keep his twin daughters breathing while he murdered countless other people’s children. This is a good basis for an award?

What about the fathers of those murdered by George while in office? How do they feel about this disgusting piece of cow dung being honored while their children are not even here to send them a card or give them a call?

Another FUBAR aspect of this award is the list of “honorees” that George joins—many of the infamous fathers that the notification about the Father of the Year award mentions are all major war criminals like him: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan (whose children reportedly hated him), Colin Powell, Douglas MacArthur, and Norman Schwarzkopf. Seriously—is one of the requirements to receive this award the murder of millions?

Finally, the National Council on Father’s Day is a “charitable” organization which support the American Diabetes Association, and I kid you not: Save the Children.

George Bush (and his entire regime) needs to be in prison for the remainder of his life for war crimes and crimes against humanity and it seems like hundreds of thousands of children needed to be saved from him.

Awarding such an honor to a murdering sociopath like George W. Bush is as beyond comprehension as Obama giving H.W. the presidential medal of freedom. These awards, like the Nobel Peace Prize are obviously used to support the vast crimes of
the 1%.

The National Council of Fathers apparently is staffed by complete morons who would not know a good father if they were kicked in the ass by one—and I hope they are, soon.



06/17/2015 10:15pm

Bush belongs in the deepest pit/cell in Gitmo!

06/02/2016 3:05am

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Michael DeFilippo
06/18/2015 4:00pm

Brilliant, Cindy. What more is there to say?

06/20/2015 3:35am

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06/26/2015 6:05am

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07/09/2015 5:14pm

Golly, you are a hypocrite! To your mind, it's apparently OK for Pootie to murder thousands in an imperial landgrab, and it's cool for misguided muslim idiots murder jews, and, oh! Let's not forget Hugo's death squads wiping out all dissent.
But our President is a psychotic war criminal. Unreal.
But, it doesn't matter, no one will read this because Cindy is a coward that doesn't allow differing opinions.

07/13/2015 10:03am

I find it sad that you start your comment with a childish name call. And Cindy does allow differing opinions. If you read some real books, such as Bugliosi's book on the Bush Administration taking us to war in THE WRONG COUNTRY........and JFK: A President Betrayed, and Heist, who stole the American dream, you will find out that all is not as you seem to think it is. Richard Wolffe on the economy also bears a lot of documentation that the people of America are misled.........we are paying for Halliburton (do not forget over the hilly admitted to Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton) and their palsies in last May's scandal reportedly made $32 TRILLION dollars on war profiteering and reconstruction profiteering. We DID NOT rebuild the countries FOR the citizens, we put in roads, energy, dams, railroads, airports, for Halliburton and its subsidiaries to steal the land and assets from people all over the world.......right along with oil and mining interest owned by british tribe stock holders and good old dicki and palsies.............he even says in his own documentary, World According to Cheney that HE is NOT going to let HIS oil and stocks go down the drain. Over and over he, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld, Addington and their fake charities have told us what to is time we think for ourselves. Read Truman's autobiography. HE admits he was tricked by the "smoke filled back room boys" of the Roosevelt White House, who included old Joe Kennedy..........and mistakenly formed secret government. Eisenhower, in his last speech also warned us of this secret government. JFK from the documentary that is WELL documented appears to have said, NOPE, world peace, and END the CIA and secret government. In less than a month, he was dead. I have often wondered if old Joe had enough brains after his stroke to realize his own evil deeds, trying to take over the USA had led to the death of his son. A police chief once told a group of students here in Los Angeles, about Bob Kennedy's death, if an agency wants a person dead, they just find some nut who hates that person, and makes sure that person does not miss........hmmm. Did that same agency take out ANOTHER of his sons. In the book by LAPD officer who was asked to resign when he found out WHERE the drugs were coming from (CIA backed cartels) to ruin our country to make money for the secret wars of the seventies, eighties Crossing the is suggested that maybe even young John was murdered because his magazine and investigators were getting too close to the real murderers of his father. Old Rose must have known. What must their family have been like to harbor a secret such as that?

07/30/2015 5:53pm

Typical elitist lefty pretension. You assume that because my views differ from yours I am uninformed.
That's because you believe you are intellectually superior to anyone with the temerity to challenge your marxist drivel.
You are a true representative of your kind.

07/10/2015 5:55pm

Imagine my surprise at finding my comment intact.

07/30/2015 7:14pm


Talking about being a "hypocrite" why don't you ever make positive comments on all of my posts criticizing Obama and the Democrats? Do you have nothing better to do in your life that stalk me waiting for the rare times I post truthful articles criticizing Bush?

I don't care if you post here---your seeming inability to be intellectually honest with yourself and your obsession with me are so freaking sad.

Why don't you get the proverbial life?

Kevin McAvoy
09/18/2015 10:28am

My Goodness, Cindy! For years you have censored my commentary, nearly always the ONLY commentary, on your little blahgs. So, naturally, I am somewhat surprised to see your iron curtain has been lifted a skosh and you are willing to let a ray of light.
I will endeavour to use this freedom wisely.
As to your constant assertion that I am obsessed with you...would you have people interested in leftist politics NOT read your stuff??
I check in on all the usual suspects, both left and right, several times a month. Yours is the only one that accuses me of stalking! Your ego is amazing.
So, thanks for letting me post here. If you are really smart, you'll lift the curtain a tad higher and open the other blahg to my erudite and entertaining observations. I would LOOOVE take you on about Hugo(Rest In Hell)and all your other sacred cows. But I bet you won't. Coward.

Kevin McAvoy
09/18/2015 10:34am

As far as Big Ears and the Donkeys, why would I argue with you?
As goes positive words, I have written a number of times to you with nothing but caring and support and you censor those as well.
You are the one that refuses to be honest. You can lie, but we both know the truth, don't we?

08/12/2015 9:29pm

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Kevin McAvoy
09/22/2015 7:56am

Gee, ain't it sad that the only human poster here is someone you hate. The other paltry posts are advertisers.

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10/06/2015 2:11pm

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Rajendra Nagar
Rajouri Garden
Ramesh Nagar
Rana Pratap Bagh
Rani Bagh
Rohtash Nagar
Roshanara Road
Sabzi Mandi
Sadar Bazaar
Sadiq Nagar
Safdarjang Enclave
Sangam Vihar
Sansad Marg
Sant Nagar
Sarai Rohilla
Saraswati Vihar
Sarita Vihar
Sarojini Nagar
Sarvodya Enclave
Shakti Nagar
Shakur Basti Depot
Shalimar Bagh
Shastri Nagar
Shivaji Park
Shri Niwas Puri
Sonia Vihar
South Extension
Subhash Nagar
Subroto Park
Sukhdev Vihar
Sunder Nagari
Sunder Vihar
Surajmal Vihar
Tagore Garden
Tilak Nagar
Tilangpur Kotla
Tis Hazari
Trilok Puri
Udyog Bhawan
Uttam Nagar
Vasant Kunj
Vasant Vihar
Vasundhra Enclave
Vijay Nagar
Vikas Puri
Vinod Nagar
Vishnu Garden
Vishwas Nagar
Vivek Vihar
Wazir Pur
Wazirabad Village
Yamuna Vihar
Yojna Vihar

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