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by Evan McMurry
November 9th, 2014

Former President George W Bush told Bob Schieffer Sunday morning that he had no regrets over the decision to invade Iraq.

Bush was on to discuss his new book praising his father (and to honor Face The Nation’ss sixtieth anniversary). 43 insisted he did not invade Iraq to finish what his father started, and said he was surprised when Saddam Hussein called his bluff over the invasion, but didn’t regret the decision to go in.

“I think it was the right decision,” Bush said. “My regret is that a violent group of people has risen up again. This is al Qaeda plus. I put in the book that they need to be defeated. And I hope they are. I hope the strategy works.”

Watch the video below, via CBS News:



David Quinly
11/09/2014 3:01pm

Boo-Kay indeed.
Bush's bluff was called when Hussein admitted the inspectors in for six weeks so they could find squat.
On 3/17/03 he asked for the Iraqi army to allow a peaceful invasion of their country. On 3/19/03, on BuSh's orders s, Shock and Awe was initiated. WTF!!!
EVERYTHING done in our names by these criminals from that moment on has been a Crime Against Peace.
Off with their heads, every last one of them, and distribute their ill gotten fortunes to their victims, Iraqi and American.


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