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Monday, 04 August 2014

Palestinian factions attending talks in Cairo have presented a joint document to Egyptian mediators outlining their terms for a cease-fire with Israel. They are: 1. An immediate ceasefire, Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and guarantees to end Israeli incursions, infiltrations, assassinations, the bombing of houses and flights over Gaza.

2. Ending the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip on the basis of the 2012 agreement, in a manner that would guarantee the following:

a) opening the crossings and guaranteeing the free movement of individuals and goods and the freedom to import all materials needed for reconstruction;

b) ending the economic and financial siege;

c) guaranteeing access between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip;

d) the freedom to work and fish in Palestinian territorial waters in the sea off Gaza up to a distance of 12 miles;

e) reopening of the Gaza airport and construction of a marine port;

3. Elimination of the so-called buffer zones that were imposed by Israel along the border with Gaza.

4. Cancelling all measures and penalties imposed by Israel against our people in the West Bank since June 12, 2014 including the release of all those who were detained after that date, particularly the captives who were freed as part of the Shalit deal, the members of the Legislative Council and the fourth batch of captives from the pre-Oslo era as well as reopening institutions, returning private and public properties that were confiscated and putting an end to settler attacks.

5. Starting the immediate reconstruction of the Gaza Strip through the national unity government and in cooperation with the United Nations and its agencies and delivering all relief and humanitarian needs to the children of our people in the Gaza Strip including food stuffs, medicines and electricity and providing what is necessary for the immediate operation of power generating plants.

6. Convening an international conference for donor countries (Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC)) under the chairmanship of Norway and with the participation of Europe, the Arab countries, the United States, Japan, Turkey, the Islamic states, Russia, China and the remaining member states with the aim of providing the funds needed for reconstruction within a specific time frame.



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