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September 19, 2014

You will find below a series of articles from various media on the topic of vote fraud.

In Glasgow, “Police are investigating ten cases of electoral fraud.”
Voters turned up at polling stations to find that people had already voted using their names. Police officers have removed the ballot papers concerned. The papers were from 10 different boxes across Glasgow, and not concentrated in one area.

In Dundee, a fire alarm led to the evacuation of the building where the vote was being counted.

In Dundee, a strong YES area, the count was suspended twice due to fire alarms.

The turnout in the strong YES area of Dundee was 78.8%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a whole. In Dundee, ‘Yes’ ballot papers were spotted on a ‘No’ table.

The turnout in the strong YES area of Glasgow was 75%, which is lower than the 85% turnout in Scotland as a whole. The county known as Clackmannanshire was expected to vote YES.

But it was announced that NO had got 54% of the vote in Clackmannanshire. Scottish independence: Yes County votes No. In Scotland as a whole, NO got more votes than the polls had predicted.

Margot MacDonald, former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, wrote to the boss of MI5, Andrew Parker (left) asking for an assurance that MI5 spies would not interfere in the referendum on independence for Scotland. MI5 spies told : stay out of referendum.

Margot MacDonald is now dead.

In Scotland “children as young as three have been registered to vote and received polling cards.”Scottish independence: Vote rigging fears.

According to Scotland on Sunday ”a formal complaint is to be made to the returning officer at East Ayrshire Council after activists discovered that at least four children in the area aged between three and 11 have received polling cards.”In the 1979 devolution referendum, some dead people were given the vote.

Maureen Mackay told Scotland on Sunday:  ”The problem is that our voting system means that all you have to do is turn up and say where you live. There is no check to verify who you are so any votes registered with children could be used by adults.” One in four Scots believes M15 is working with the UK Government to prevent independence, one  poll revealed.The poll found nearly as many thought the referendum vote would be rigged.

One in four Scots believe UK spies are working against independence. A reader of Scotland on Sunday comments: ”I know of an Edinburgh Tory councillor who on the night of the 1979 Devolution referendum was boasting that he had voted No six times.”

John Major, who won the 1992 election, was involved in the 1991 Gulf War.

In the 1992 general election, the exit polls suggested a Labour win, and yet the Conservatives under John Major were declared the winners.

Was the 1992 election rigged? With the current Scottish referendum there are no exit polls. “Informed sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have told Press TV that absence of international observers to monitor the independence referendum and close competition between pro- and anti-independence camps are the main reasons that have strengthened suspicion of vote-rigging attempts…” A survey conducted by Britain-based ICM research foundation and released on Sunday, showed that the pro-independence campaign enjoyed 54-percent support compared to the 46 percent for anti-independence campaign.” Sources warn of vote rigging in Scotland’s independence

A posting on the “Independent Scot” Facebook page states, “Given the disparity between official poll results and the turnout at Yes meetings and unofficial polls, there has been a bit of a rumble that people are worried the real vote on 18th September will be nobbled.”

Margot MacDonald (above) was a former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party. She said, before she died, that there are MI5 agents operating inside the Scottish National Party. MI5 spies told: stay out of referendum

Willie McRae, former Vice Chairman of the Scottish National party, reportedly murdered by the spooks.

Allegedly, MI5 and its friends were involved in the assassinations of the following Scottish politicians:

1. Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary who told the UK parliament that al Qaeda worked for the CIA.

2. John Smith, the leader of the Labour Party whose death led to Tony Blair becoming prime Minister.

3. Willie McRae, former Vice Chairman of the Scottish National Party. SPIES IN POLITICS; MURDERS; BRAINWASHING


Allegedly, MI5 and its friends were involved in:

1. The downing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

2. CIA torture flights using Scottish airports.

Very few people have turned out to support the NO campaign. As we see Lord Robertson. The following is:

The British plan to steal Scotland’s independence referendum By Wayne Madsen, September 10 2014.

1. Informed British sources have revealed that the British government… has colluded with the British media to downplay in articles, news … and … opinion polls the actual strength of the pro-independence ‘Yes’ campaign in Scotland.

2. The hyped news reports, including “news” about a looming terrorist threat and a new royal baby, as well as skewed polling numbers, according to our sources, is to prepare the country for a razor-thin loss for the pro-independence “Yes” vote in…

3. Our sources report that the actual “Yes” for independence vote is leading the “No” vote by a full 11 percentage points…

5. Knowledgeable British sources say that massive election manipulation, including tampering with the absentee postal votes, is what is in store for Scotland on referendum day… 

6. The vote will be immediately declared by the media and British government to be “conclusive” as the “will of the Scottish people.”

Of course, any suggestion that the vote was rigged will be immediately be discounted as an unfounded “conspiracy theory.” …



09/19/2014 3:03pm

Whilst I have no reason to doubt evidence of a rigged vote, and there is no denying that political assassinations do occur, Margo McDonald [note spelling] was a terminally ill Parkinson's sufferer who made a documentary about assisted suicide before her death. Someone is trying to distract and discredit people by trying to make it seem as if McDonald might have been murdered. I think that this is a good indication of how much we need to be vigilant and judicious. It only took me 1 minute's web search to find out about Margo McDonald.


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