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Press TV- 03/22/2014
Antiwar activists protested an “endless war” on the 12-year anniversary of the Iraq invasion by demonstrating in front of the White House and then marching to the Capitol.

As a symbolic gesture on Saturday, the protesters dropped mock coffins in front of the White House and near lawmaker offices as well as offices of several security contractors in Washington DC, CNN reported.

The rally, dubbed the "Spring Rising”, was organized by the ANSWER Coalition, a protest group consisting of many antiwar and civil rights organizations which is “dedicated to the fight against racism and imperialism.”

Speakers at the event condemned the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, drone attacks targeting civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia as well as US “provocation” in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

They also warned against war with Iran.

Cindy Sheehan, one of the rally’s key organizers, criticized US President Barack Obama for expanding the US wars to include more countries than even his predecessor, George W. Bush.

"With the new authorization to use military force being requested by the President to Congress, it was urgent to come to Washington, D.C. We're in opposition to that," Sheehan, whose son US Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, died in Iraq 2004, told CNN.

A similar rally was also held in Los Angeles, where demonstrators slammed the US military involvement in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

The protesters chanted antiwar slogans and carried coffins and banners as they marched through the streets.

The US and its allies invaded Iraq in March 2003 under the pretext that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

In October 2004, however, a CIA report revealed that Saddam did not have an active WMD program at the time of the invasion.



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