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“We can solve many of our problems with a higher level of consciousness”

Please join an amazing group of evolutionary leaders, pioneers   and visionaries who are coming together on Sat/Sun May 30-31 when Pier 35 is  transformed into a high impact idea-into-action conference and expo center.

There's something amazing about an event whose time has come

Free Exposition Hall Open to the Public!  Low Cost Idea-into-Action   Seminars -  Recorded for Broadcast and Social Action Networks!

PopUpsters and @access  are uniting local, regional and International  leaders and pioneers of a new economy on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday,  May 31 at Pier 35, 1454 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, for two days of  smart conversations, connection, ideas and actions to create long-term  systems and solutions based on whole-system thinking to strengthen area  communities as well as communities around the world

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 Many of our current, pre-existing systems and infrastructures are  based on Industrial Age thinking  are failing and continue to break  down.  By uniting key pioneers and organizations creating stronger and more resilient projects, we have the potential to create smarter cities,  healthier communities, better health and wellness based on prevention  instead of disease management, better education, sustainable development  and ethical leadership.

 This unprecedented event series features

 Ideas into action Seminars

  • Keynote Presentations from Innovators, Pioneers and Future Legends
  • Collaborative hubs of Activity
  • A Global Partnership Accelerator
  • Free Exhibit Hall open to the public
  • Many opportunities for partnership creation and development
  • Tickets are only $39 in Advance until May 25th
  • Student Tickets only $10
Event recorded for TV Broadcast and Interactive Multimedia

POSSIBL  is being recorded for broadcast for our Broadcast Partnerships,  Free Speech TV and the Real News Network. Through the broadcast and dissemination of the ideas-into-action conversations that take place at  POSSIBL we will be sharing the programming with  leaders, business  improvement directors, community leaders and ministers of health from  around the world.

Many of us are collaboratively enabling new possibilities towards a better ecosystem that truly serves the needs of the communities, including those who live there work there.  Many of these resources and ideas have been hidden until now and it is the intention of POSSIBL to clearly  demonstrate and showcase A BETTER WAY FORWARD.

Experts and pioneers from the worlds of human rights, media literacy, the arts and culture, health and wellness, civil rights and sustainable development will kick-off the event with high-impact conversations about the new possibilities for a more empowered community and global  ecosystems, including:

 Mickey Huff, Project Censored

  • Sarah Van Gelder, Yes Magazine
  • Dr. Brian Kelly, President, Life West Chiropractic College
  • Marilyn Schlitz, CEO Emeritus, Institute for Noetic Sciences
  • Michael Levitin, Editor-in-Chief,
  • Ken Burrows, SFSU, Holistic Studies
  • Natalie Nava, The Story of Stuff Project
  • Jamie Lee Williams, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Michael Nagler, The Metta Center for Non-Violence
  • Khafre James, Hip Hop for Change
  • Kevin Kunze, Filmmaker "Mobilize"
  • Isabelle Wachsmuth, World Health Organization
  • Dana Ullman,
  • Barry James Dyke, Author, "The Pirates of Manhattan"
  • CIndy Sheehan, Celebrated Peace Activist and anti-War demonstrator
 POSSIBL is designed to shed the light on new opportunities and new  ecosystems to enable a brighter future, impact, connection, enable human  potential, and re-imagine ways of enabling a better strategy that is of  service to the communities, both those who live there—and who work there.

Please join us for the important conversation.  Many of us are working  on development new systems and ideas that have the potential to enable  more potential, prosperity, freedom, human rights and solutions for the  long term.


San Francisco, May 30-31

 Produced by Pop Upsters and @access



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