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September 7, 2014

Today, Cindy chats with raconteur John Barbour. Among other things, John hosted a talk show in L.A. for years and created the hit show Real People.

He also has long been a radical political thinker and comedian who admired Jack Paar and whose mentor was Redd Fox (we're dating ourselves, but young people: please listen!).

John became interested in the Kennedy assassination after he read a book by attorney Jim Garrison and then John interviewed him for 3 1/2 hours in what came to be, The Garrison Tapes.

Please listen to this fascinating interview and go to John Barbour's website for info on how to order his film: The Last Word on the Assassination
John Barbour's World



Richard Stark
09/07/2014 11:30am

I went as asst. Director of the film RUSH TO JUDGMENT to Dallas in Feb. of 1966 with Mark Lane and Emile de Antonio. We were chased out of town by the Dallas coppers, etc. THE STORIES!! The film is now called THE PLOT TO KILL JFK. Garrison used it in the making of JFK.


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