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Posted by donaldjeffries

As I’ve noted many times, with merely 300 or so honest representatives in Congress, all our national problems could be solved. No more Federal Reserve machinations. No more meddlesome escapades in foreign countries that pose no threat to us. No more Patriot Act. No more NDAA. No more pay-raise votes. No more secret budgets for the CIA and other intelligence agencies. No more restrictions on civil liberties.

But we don’t have 300 honest representatives in Congress, and probably never have. We don’t have 100. We don’t even have 50. Instead, we have a bunch of spineless lemmings, led by the most awful human beings imaginable. Nancy Pelosi? John Boehner? Mitch McConnell? Harry Reid? Lindsay Graham? Charles Schumer? We really can’t do any better than that? Would you ever expect them to do the right thing?

Jonathan Swift wrote, some three hundred years ago, that the judges of his time were so notoriously addicted to corruption that it would impossible to bribe them to act in the interests of justice. I think we’ve reached that point in this age. I think our representatives are so accustomed to obeying the orders of powerful lobbyists, of opting for war, austerity measures and globalist expansionism, that it would be impossible to bribe them to act on the behalf of their constituents, to vote for their interests.

The Trans Pacific Partnership will not only obliterate what little is left of American industry and national sovereignty, it is being ramrodded through Congress with even more secrecy and “bipartisanship” than usual. Most members will undoubtedly fail to even read the legislation before feeling comfortable in voting on it. As former House Speaker (now Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi famously remarked, regarding Obamacare: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Very few members of Congress are likely to read the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. It’s hundreds of pages long, and the restrictions are incomprehensible for any piece of legislation in a supposedly free society.

Members who actually have the desire to wade through this monstrosity must attend classified briefings, and then leave both their staffs and their cell phones behind when they conspiratorially descend to the Visitor Center in the basement of the Capitol. They aren’t even permitted to take any notes out of the soundproof room. And then, believe it or not, they are forbidden to discuss what they’ve read. This sounds like something more suitable for the old Soviet Politburo, and anything remotely approaching such draconian secrecy should be anathema in our constitutional republic.

But all the most powerful people support this horrific agreement, just as they all supported NAFTA back in the 1990s. The “giant sucking sound” that Ross Perot so astutely predicted then is likely to become an ear- shattering blast, trumpeting the end of an America that once was the wonder of the world. No one seems to know exactly what is in the TPP agreement, but you can bet that it will have a disastrous impact on the poor and working-class in this country. More “guest workers” from other countries, doing the “jobs Americans won’t do,” and it appears that the pact will make it easier for Monsanto food products to dominate the marketplace. The chief U.S. agricultural negotiator for the deal is, in fact, former Monsanto lobbyist Islam Siddique.

There has been very ineffectual, token opposition to the agreement in Congress, spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren. But Warren, who recently voted against auditing the Federal Reserve, focused most of her criticism on the secrecy surrounding the deal, not the deal itself. As it was with NAFTA and the other deadly trade agreements that eviscerated American industry, so it is with TPP; the usual unholy alliance between Democrats and Republicans, and universal support from both the “Left” and “Right” talking heads in the mainstream media. No one but the “extremists” and “conspiracy theorists” seem to realize just how awful this deal will be for the vast majority of people in this country.

Congress has been issuing these kinds of head-scratching votes for much of our history. Remember that only one U.S. Senator- Russ Feingold- voted against the unconstitutional Patriot Act, which was rushed through Congress barely a month after the events of 9/11. The House was a bit more serious about their vows, but still only 66 members voted against it. Thanks exclusively to Rand Paul, three key re-authorization provisions of the Patriot Act were blocked in the Senate just yesterday. If the past is any indicator, “bipartisanship” and power politics will prevail, and the entire odious thing will ultimately be extended again.

The infamous psy-op that led to the escalation of the Vietnam War, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, fooled only two U.S. Senators at the time, and zero representatives in the House. Both Houses proudly passed a joint resolution condemning the imaginary incident. In fact, our vaunted congressional representatives have always given the president-whoever that may be-free reign to invade and occupy other nations. Whichever party has a majority in Congress, and whichever party is in the White House, they always vote for war. The last president who defied the military industrial complex and the drumbeats for war was John F. Kennedy.

The only leaders in this country who have backbone are acting against the interests of the people, and at the behest of powerful forces behind the scenes. There are no profiles in courage out there, in positions of prominence, within the government or in private industry. Permitting the president to “fast track” this heinous deal is something that would gnaw at anyone with a conscience. The guilt should be overwhelming for those “representatives” who agreed to the clandestine, almost science-fiction like provisions of secrecy of the deal,  and still approved it for “fast track” status. Clearly, there are few consciences in Congress.

Every public opinion poll reports that the American people are disgusted with Congress, giving them a less than ten percent approval rating. And yet, they continue to allegedly re-elect them at an incomprehensible rate- 96 percent of incumbents were returned to office in the last election. There are really only two explanations for such a glaring dichotomy. Either they don’t really count our votes, or the American people really are hopelessly stupid.

Let’s all hope that they aren’t actually counting the votes.



John from Reno
05/24/2015 2:14pm

Basically, we've been stripped of our Constitutional Rights, and in effect we are under Martial Law -- subject only to the dictates of the empire.
THEREFORE, we have no political remedies available to us.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make
violent revolution inevitable." JFK

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