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Jonathan Kay is a Canadian journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of The Walrus and former comment pages editor, columnist and blogger for the Toronto-based Canadian daily newspaper National Post. He is also a book author and editor, a public speaker, and a regular contributor to Commentary Magazine and the New York Post. His freelance articles have been published in a variety of US publications including Newsweek, The New Yorker,, The New Republic, Harper's Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, The Weekly Standard, The Literary Review of Canada, The National Interest and The New York Times.  Books he has written are “The Volunteer: A Canadian's Secret Life in the Mossad” which was co-written by Michael Ross, and Among The Truthers.


Steve Eklund
04/27/2015 3:04pm

A few undeniable facts about 9/11:
1. PNAC wanted President Clinton to invade Iraq.
2. LOTS of PNAC members worked in the GW Bush Administration.
3. They said they need a "New Pearl Harbor.
4. LOTS of folks in the GW Bush Administration got really rich after the attacks. Think Halliburton.
5. The FBI has NO evidence that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with the attacks.
6. GHW Bush was with members of the Bin Laden family on 9/11/01.

Steve Eklund
04/27/2015 3:07pm

Sorry. I forgot something in my previous email.
It was well over a year before the GW Bush Administration would allow any investigation into the attacks. The 9/11 Committee was only allowed to make recommendations as to how to prevent future attacks.
There has still been NO investigation into what led to the attacks and who was involved.

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