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By Polly Mosendz 11/17/14 at 3:06 PM Reuters
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has issued an executive order allowing the National Guard to become active in Ferguson, Missouri, if they are needed. The results of the grand jury trial in the case of Michael Brown’s death are expected any day and protests are expected throughout the country in the event Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted.

The executive order is valid for thirty days.
In an accompanying statement, Governor Nixon explained, “As part of our ongoing efforts to plan and be prepared for any contingency, it is necessary to have these resources in place in advance of any announcement of the grand jury’s decision. These additional resources will support law enforcement’s efforts to maintain peace and protest those exercising their right to free speech. The National Guard is well-suited to provide security at command posts, fire stations and other locations that will free up law enforcement officers to remain focused on community policing and protecting constitutional rights.”


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