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Honduras Under U.S. Domination

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One aspect of the U.S.-Mexico “border crisis” of refugee children not highlighted in the Wall Street- controlled mass media was the increased number of Garifuna immigrants from Honduras in this period – predominately mothers and some fathers with their children who have flooded the U.S. border in pursuit of “a better life” in the USA.

The Garifuna people are descendents of free African slaves and indigenous Americans who were persecuted because of their refusal to submit to enslavement and exploitation by British and French colonialists in past centuries. They ended up settling on the Atlantic coast of Central America where they made their livelihood mainly from the land and the sea for many generations. Their communities have been oppressed and discriminated against for decades.

Since the U.S.-supported military coup in Honduras in 2009 under the Obama Regime* when President Manual Zelaya was ousted and eventually replaced by U.S.-backed President Pepe Lobo, the Garifuna population of Honduras has played an active role in the resistance to the U.S.-Honduran dictatorship. There have been concerted efforts of the Honduran government and multi-national corporations to drive the Garifuna population off of their land both to undermine the popular anti-imperialist resistance and in order to develop hotels, etc. and develop “Model Cities” under tight government-monopoly-capitalist control.

In this recent period, paid human traffickers (“coyotes”) spread the lie in the Honduran Garifuna communities that the U.S. government under Obama was welcoming migrant children into the USA. – The BIG LIE was that all the families had to do was reach the U.S.-Mexico border and they would be given the welcome mat. Faced with high unemployment and growing poverty resulting from the government-corporate stealing of their land, a section of the community was duped by these lies and took up the dangerous and costly trek to the U.S.-Mexico border in search of relief from the difficult conditions they were facing.

What a rude awakening! At the U.S. border, Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) officials immediately arrested and detained the Garifuna families. Then ICE officials tried to get the adult migrants to sign papers (in English only) that would result in their giving up their children for adoption in the USA. When the Garifuna adults collectively refused to sign those papers, ICE officials told them they would be released in the U.S. if they paid bail and signed a paper of “voluntary departure.” Many Garifuna migrants signed the “voluntary departure” papers ignorant of the consequences, and were given a date to appear in Immigration Court and released to stay with friends and family in New York City, Boston, etc. At the immigration court hearing in New York City and Boston, the Garifuna mothers who had crossed the border with their children were placed in modern day shackles – electronic ankle bracelets that track their every move! – and released back into their new communities with the threat of deportation over their heads – and no permission to work to support their families.

The U.S. imperialist state which was built on land stolen from the indigenous peoples and built on African slave labor and the exploitation of Chinese, Japanese and European immigrant labor, still includes most of Central America as part of its Empire. The forced exodus of Garifuna communities from Honduras helps prop up the brutal U.S.–Honduran dictatorship today and exposes the brutality of the U.S. imperialist state which has treated these Garifuna migrants as modern day slaves.

The U.S. government’s brutal treatment of the Garifuna immigrants (adults and children) in this period underscores the correctness of Ray Light’s conclusion to his 9/14 article, “The Refugee Children of Central America, the Obama Regime, and Our Revolutionary Responsibilities”: “The Central American refugee children cry out for the dismantling and destruction of the U.S. Empire and for a socialist world.”

*See Ray O’Light Newsletter #58, “The Honduran Coup, the Obama Regime and the Problems of the Revolution in Latin America,” January-February 2010



j golden
11/15/2014 5:39pm

thanks for this story, an important one to hear about. we have to hope the immigration policies finally make sense sometime soon and that the u.s. will finally stop treating other countries with such mercilessness for the sake of the corporations and banks that do it all for selfish gains ---as if the whole world should be theirs alone! and our lives, earth's nature, and societies and cultures are not important!

this following story is from dean Henderson's Lefthook blog and gives a glimpse of one of his experiences while traveling in Honduras. sign up and read dean Henderson's other posts. he's a wonderful observer and excellent analyst and a regular on pressTV and other shows, as well. this story, also, tells a lot about Honduras.
thank you, rose ,and cindy, too.


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