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TPP is a global conspiracy.
Monopoly capital’s target is ---
Our brother and sister workers of every country.

But with the MAY DAY Spirit of Solidarity
We Can Defeat TPP!

“Fast Track” authorization for Wall Street's latest “trade deal” – the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – is being prepared for a sudden vote in the US Congress at any moment.  The January 2015 edition of The Hightower Lowdown  exposes the fact that TPP is presented as a trade deal but “it only uses trade as a mask.” 24 of 29 TPP chapters deal not with trade but “various ways to ‘free’ rapacious corporations from any accountability for the havoc they wreak and from any responsibility to the world community’s common good.” Maximum corporate profits trump everything. In other words, it is straight up corporate tyranny.

Negotiations for the TPP have been conducted under unprecedented secrecy by Wall Street with its ruling class financial counterparts in eleven other Pacific Rim countries including Mexico and Canada as well as Peru and Chile in South America, Japan in Asia etc. These twelve countries produce about 40% of the world’s goods.

Jim Hightower alerts the 99% of us to get ready to oppose TPP Fast Track Authorization for Democratic President Obama. YOU MAY BE SHOCKED to find out that Fast Track is being promoted and led by Boehner and McConnell in both houses
of the Republican-dominated Congress! Congressman Paul Ryan, Republican Vice Presidential running mate of Mitt Romney in the last presidential election, has already publicly stated his intention to support “fast track” authority for Obama on this issue!

The White House has been pushing for Fast Track authorization all along. It's clear that the forces of global finance capital have an effective stooge in Obama and the Democrats in order to further extract wealth from and inflict greater misery on the global working class. (Remember: Republican George H.W. Bush was unable to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) but successor Bill Clinton – a Democrat – was able to push it through.) WATCH OUT! Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter who is the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, is emerging as a major spokesperson for TPP in the USA. She is effectively using so-called national security concerns against China as a smokescreen for promoting TPP.

In the labor movement, Communication Workers of America (CWA) President Larry Cohen has challenged his more backward, corrupt and comfortable brethren to help build a
working class opposition to TPP and Fast Track. Still, no labor federation has pointed the finger at Obama for being Wall Street's point man on Fast Track and the TPP!

May Day: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

In the 1880’s, workers in the USA, led by militant leaders in Chicago, mobilized in their thousands to fight for an eight hour work day at a time when 12 hour work days were common. On Saturday,May 1, 1886, a regular work day, 350,000 workers across the country participated in demonstrations, 80,000 in Chicago alone. Thousands of workers won an eight hour or nine hour workday immediately. Contrary to the mass media predictions, there was little or no violence anywhere.

The U.S. ruling class employed police violence over the next few days to arrest and persecute the most dedicated Chicago working class leaders and decapitate the movement for the eight hour day. But, within two years, the still youthful American Federation of Labor (AFofL) put out a call to workers everywhere to resume the eight hour struggle and plan for a massive international demonstration on May 1, 1890 in honor of the Chicago Martyrs. On July 4, 1889, on the hundredth anniversary of Bastille Day, the International Working Men’s Association gathered in Paris. They endorsed the AFL proposal and so May Day was born in the USA as the day of celebration of international working class solidarity.

In these times, throughout most of the world, the workers have a holiday with parades, marches and militant demonstrations for May Day. What is most important for us today is the spirit of international working class solidarity. For it is the united strength of the workers of the entire world that is needed to defeat the global capitalist tyranny that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens all of us with.

Long Live May Day!

Long Live the Solidarity of the International Working Class!

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World UNITE!
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