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Guest PAUL RODNEY TURNER of Food For Life Global, the world’s largest food relief program that serves 2 million vegan meals daily + commentary with Professors GARY FRANCIONE and ANNA CHARLTON + salads that are worse than a Big Mac?
 BOB, outraged that FARM once again has invited the butchers of HSUS to speak at its pseudo “animal rights conference” (AR con) tries to imagine what the HSUS VP Paul Shapiro might say + Professor GARY FRANCIONE’s criticism of the Kim Kardashian fur shame campaign and controversial responses from a NYC campaign organizer plus calls from listeners.

Guest WORLD VEGAN SUMMIT & EXPO speaker SOFIA PINEDA-OCHOA, M.D., discusses her experience at the event, her talk in Spanish, and the flyer she and BOB created honoring Cesar Chavez + GARY FRANCIONE and BOB review their Summit experiences, and in his commentary, Professor FRANCIONE questions results of fur campaigning, undercover animal welfare operatives’ killing the animals they protect, and vegan spokesperson Fiona Oakes’ selling of eggs.
 CHARLOTTE CRESSEY, a speaker at the WORLD VEGAN SUMMIT & EXPO, discusses her experience there – and veganism and eco feminism, yoga, and the trend to corrupt the meaning of ahimsa + BOB is perplexed by the new absurd campaign by FARM, organizer of the misguided “AR-CON-ference”, to bring new business to serial animal rapists, kidnappers, killers BEN & JERRY’S + “relationship advice” in Professor GARY FRANCIONE’s commentary.

    Bob Linden
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    GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN is a manifestation of love for animals. If you love animals too, please don’t eat their flesh (“meat”), dairy, fish, or eggs, please don’t wear leather, fur, wool, or silk, please don’t buy products tested on animals, and please don’t attend or support any use of animals in “entertainment”, including film, TV, circuses, zoos, rodeos, hunting, and captive display parks – GO VEGAN.


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